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If the run of the mill touristy destinations don’t give you the satisfaction and you look for offbeat destinations to give you that high of traveling, we have the the right kind of tours for you. Sure, we all love the popular destinations but the most fun and rewarding experiences are when to take the turn towards the offbeat trail that goes to places you did not know existed. The highlights will still be breathtaking but travel should be more than ticking off popular destinations from your bucket list or getting more stamps on your passport. Offbeat locations and local interactions give a more real-life experience and surely a more memorable one than visiting a popular sights with thousands of other tourists. We try to incorporate real life experiences in most of our journeys, be it sharing stories over food and living with a local family, watching a unique local festival, trying out a new cuisine at the popular watering hole in town or watching the sunset lying on a secluded beach.
We add a good mix of popular and the offbeat in our group journeys and most of the time its the offbeat locations and activities that our guests like the most. 


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