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About us

Ahoy! We are team of travellers, adventurers and photographers who simply want to bring amazing adventures and journeys to you. With seven long years of harvesting experience by travelling throughout the Indian sub-continent and South East Asia, we bring you some amazing and unique destinations and tours to popular and offbeat locations. Our inspiration is simple – life and travel, it means the desire to experience and learn from the life in different places. We believe travel make’s us more learned and better people by experiencing the lifestyles, traditions, cultures and food habits of the places we travel through. We hope it will be fun journey, sit back and enjoy or rather, get up, explore and enjoy.

About our adventures and journeys. We offer both fixed departure tours and customised journeys. If you are a solo traveller or a small group and want to join a fixed departure tour, it would be more useful in terms of budget as well as meeting and making friends with people who, you have similar interests with. Fixed departures are a lot of fun, getting out of your comfort zone and staying and travelling with strangers at the beginning of the journey who will be friends by the end of it. We also do customised tours for your group be it your family, group of friends or office colleagues. We work out the details according to your requirements of dates, budget, location and activities required.

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