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Why Exotic


Seven reasons to travel with Exotic Expeditions

With all the choices you have nowadays when it comes to travel, we understand you need to have some strong reason to choose us. We are good at our job but don’t take our word for it – check out our reviews and read through the seven points to know what makes us unique and what is our kind of travel.

whyexotic4-min1. It’s not about the sights

We believe travel is just not about the sights. Though sights are interesting but the real thrill and excitement of travel lies in the small things like – the place you stay in ( maybe a small cottage by the stream or a traditional house of a local family ), the locals you interact with ( they can tell you local stories nobody else can ), trying something new ( try that local cuisine you have no clue of but every local in town is hogging on ), having some me time ( explore the market on your own or take a quite walk ), getting off the beaten track ( the popular destinations are exciting but the real fun is in getting off it ) and the friends you make ( the friends you make during the tour can make your journey an unforgettable one ).
We keep these in mind while designing a tour so that it you have many amazing experiences during the journey and take back many memories which will linger on and you can remember those days for a long time to come.


 2. Small group’s give more enriching experiences whyexotic2-min

Big groups can many times make the travel less exciting as more time goes in the logistics and you might not be able to interact with the group on a personal level and make friends. Small group adventure travel makes these things easy and allows you to maximise your precious time off. Instead of worrying about logistics, you can focus all your energy on having the experience of a lifetime.
Our groups are small enough to feel like you’re exploring a destination independently but big enough to not make you feel alone. Group size will vary depending on where and how we’re traveling, but our average group size is about 10 for our long trips and 15 to 20 for our short and weekend journeys. We’ve found that’s a great number to let you connect with the people you meet without feeling like you’re just a face in a crowd.



thailand2-min3. Unique places to stay

Where we stay ensures we keep our travelers firmly entrenched in a region’s people, landscape and culture, and provides them with unique local experiences and beautiful stay options that are more rewarding and fun than staying at regular hotels. We carefully choose our stays be it a camping site in a jungle, cottage stay next to a river, a coffee plantation bungalow to experience the planters life or a traditional home which is a better way to get to know the people and place by sharing a meal and time with a local family.





whyexotic5-min4. Tour leaders can make the difference

It’s no secret that good tour leaders can make a big difference to your journey. We have highly trained, well-informed and proficient tour leaders and local guides, and their intimate knowledge of the places enables them to show you things that other travelers are bound to miss out on. Simply put, traveling with a good tour guide translates to you experiencing things from a uniquely local perspective: eating at restaurants the locals frequent; seeing things you wouldn’t usually find in any guidebook.





whyexotic6-min5. Something for everyone

Though we specialize in fixed departure travel we understand that it’s not for everyone. You might want to have a nice holiday with your family or friends and if group tour is not your thing we have customised tours designed you match your type of travel, destination, and budget.








whyexotic3-min6. Explore the unexplored

We all love the popular destinations but the most fun and rewarding experiences are when to take the turn towards the offbeat trail that goes to places you did not know existed. Sure, the highlights will still be breathtaking but travel should be more than ticking off popular destinations from your bucket list or getting more stamps on your passport. Offbeat locations and local interactions give a more real-life experience and surely a more memorable one than visiting popular sights with thousands of other tourists. We try to incorporate real life experiences in most of our journeys, be it sharing stories over food and talks living with a local family, watching a unique local festival, trying out a new cuisine at the popular watering hole in town or watching the sunset lying on a secluded beach.



whyexotic1-min7. Local Experiences

Always dreamed of getting deep inside far off destinations and live the local life? You can now, especially on our long tours where we focus strongly on local experiences. Undercover some interesting places discover life as it’s lived every day and savor its local character.
It’s difficult to feel a connection to any place when you’re staying in a different hotel every night, particularly if that hotel is just like any other hotel. We have home stays and farm stays where you can stay with a local family for a more meaningful local interaction and it sure is more fun than staying at a hotel.

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