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The attractions of Thailand are myriad – ruined cities, ancient monasteries, Buddhist monks, colorful hill tribes, floating markets, rave parties, dense rain forests, exotic wildlife, tropical islands, golden beaches and pristine coral reefs. It has attracted everyone from backpackers to billionaires, and visitors can find any level of comfort they desire, from hippy hostels to five-star palaces.

Thailand is a place for adventure as well as relaxation. The beaches and islands of the south call out to scuba divers, rock-climbers and watersports enthusiasts, while the dense jungles of the north are a natural playground for trekkers and wildlife spotters. Try bathing under a waterfall in an orchid-filled jungle clearing. For relaxation if you already had your fill of lazing on the innumerable beaches, there is a spa and massage parlor anywhere you look. Then there’s the cuisine – one of the world’s finest, and certainly one of the spiciest. From fine restaurants to street stalls and night markets, you will be spoilt for choice. Above all else, Thailand is a place to feel at ease and enjoy – stroll along the sand, take tea with a monk, snorkel over a coral reef, and let the stresses of modern life slowly slip away.





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Thailand’s 514,000 square kilometers lie in the middle of mainland Southeast Asia. Thailand shares borders with Laos in the East and North, Cambodia in the South East, Myanmar in the West and North and Malaysia in the South. Mountains cover much of northern Thailand and extend along the Burmese border down through the Malay Peninsula. The central plain is a lowland area drained by the Chao Phraya and its tributaries, the country’s principal river system. The Chao Phraya system drains about one-third of the nation’s territory. In the northeastern part of the country the Khorat Plateau, a region of gently rolling low hills and shallow lakes.Apart from the Thais, Thailand also has a sizable population of other races specially Chinese, Khmer, Mon, Karen and few other ethnic minorities living in the northern hills.
The capital, Bangkok is a heaving, urban jungle with skyscrapers, street vendors, markets, cars, tuk tuks, bicycles and masses of people all competing for space. Despite this there are pockets of quiet beauty to be found with parks, temples and traditional shop fronts scattered throughout the city. Rural areas in the north are typically quieter, with locals living a more traditional way of life; the frenetic pace of the city giving way to a more slow-paced, agricultural-based lifestyle. Houses are simple, there’s more space and less of the modern conveniences. Jungles, rivers, bamboo huts and teak houses are more commonly seen here, and birds and other animal life are more abundant.

Bangkok – Sprawling shopping malls, street food vendors every ten feet dishing out and unending array of goodies, hedonistic nightclubs and colorful tuk-tuks, Bangkok is an exhilarating attack on the senses. Sukhomvit’s malls and gleaming skyscrapers are just a veneer of modernity for a city firmly rooted in ancient Buddhist beliefs and traditions. For a feel of old Siam explore the markets and by-lanes of Chinatown and get a sense of calm at the Grand Palace and the Wat’s around it, both of which can be done taking a long-tail ferry that glides through the Cho Praya River.

Phi Phi Islands – The incredibly beautiful Phi Phi islands is made up of six islands of which Phi Phi Leh and Phi Phi Don are the most popular and the latter being the only inhabited one. Lying between the mainland cities of Phuket and Krabi, the Phi Phi islands are one of Thailands main attractions. Breathtakingly beautiful pure white sand beaches framed by dramatic cliffs and lapped by turquoise waters makes this paradise a place worth visiting in spite of the large turnout of tourists during the tourist season.

Chiang Mai – It would be difficult to find a city that reflects more of the country’s diverse cultural heritage and modern aspirations than Chiang Mai. Its heart is its Old City, an area surrounded by vestiges of walls and moats and narrow streets lined with ornately carved teak houses. Chiang Mai also serves as an excellent base to explore the mountains and hill tribes of the North.

Phuket – The name “Phuket” is derived from the Malay word “Bukit” (meaning hill); true to the name, lush, green hills dominate much of the island’s interior. This rainforested, mountainous island in the Andaman Sea, has some of Thailand’s most popular beaches, mostly situated along the clear waters of the western shore. Phuket is at its best in the dry season: you’ll get long sandy beaches, warm water, and excellent snorkeling and scuba diving. It also boasts some of the best seafood in Thailand.

1. Take a ferry along the Cho Praya River and visit Grand Palace and Wat Prakeaw.

2. Walk up the seven layers of Erawan Falls and take a dip in any you choose.

3. Explore Bnagkok on a BTS Skytrain.

4. Expereince the excitement at the floating market of Amphawa.

5. Explore the bays and beaches of Phi Phi Island.

6. Hike and visit hill tribe villages of North Thailand.

7. Visit Hellfire Pass Museum and the bridge over the River Kwai at Kanchanaburi.

8. Beach hop accross the many beautiful beaches around Phuket.

9. Sample Thailand delecious street food from Pad Thai to Papaya Salad.

10. Visit impressive Chiang Mai.












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