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Why our Bali trip is better than most Bali Group tours


This is a tall claim to make with the number of operators doing Bali and the steady increase in the number of Indian tourists to Bali over the last couple of years. We do agree that some international operators are offering equally interesting itineraries but when we compared our trip to the other Indian operators providing Bali group tours we found that we had more to offer to the exploring traveller. Most others were offering only south Bali, the touristy stretch of Kuta / Seminyak and around with a day / overnight visit to Ubud. Our guests were very happy with the tour and the itinerary and one of them suggested that we should make it known to our potential guests, about what is it that we are offering different.

Our group trips are typically 8 or 9 days so that we can see, experience and explore the places properly, rather than just touch on touristy places. Our Bali and Gili tour was for 9 days where we covered all the regions of Bali except north west and we stayed at 5 different locations ( Ubud, Lovina, Amed, Gili Air and Kuta ). Traveling the same stretch of road twice was extremely minimal ( less than 40 kms ) as it was a round trip as opposed to staying in one location ( i.e. kuta/seminyak ) and visiting all the other places from there. 


1. Itinerary ( Itinerary designed to explore beyond the touristy trails and see the real Bali )
Itinerary is a very important part of our group tours and it’s our USP. There are people who choose a tour with a good itinerary with more value and experiences and people who go for the typical touristy tours, and there lies the difference between a traveller and a tourist. Our itineraries are carefully worked out to get the best experiences out of the tour. In Bali we kept an equal amount of time between the must-see places and beautiful offbeat destinations and as is almost always the case, it’s the offbeat places that the guests enjoy the most. After all sitting on a secluded beach with your small group is always going to be more memorable than visiting a site where busloads of tourists descend every few minutes. You can see out trip itinerary here


2. Stays ( Stays that will remain in your memory for a long time ) 
We stayed in 5 locations on our Bali tour ( Ubud, Lovina, Amed, Gili Air & Kuta ) and we choose our stays based on location, reviews, and feedback. All the stays we chose, except at Kuta were cottage/villa type on accommodations with garden and swimming pool and at good locations. Such places have a better atmosphere and feel to it and are especially apt for group tours as compared to a regular hotel. Some of the places we stayed were Permata Kuta / Alron Hotel ( Kuta ), Villa Krang / Sayang Mama ( Gili Air ), Hotel Shri Ganesh ( Lovina ), Lily Amed ( Amed ). The accommodation options we chose was another aspect that was highly liked by the guests.

3. Destinations & Activities ( Go somewhere different and try something new )
We added a good mix of travelling days to see the sights and couple of relaxing days to explore locally on foot. The places we visited and activities done are listed below, 
Touristy – Kuta / Seminyak area and beach, Thana Lot Temple, Uluwatu Temple.
Medium Touristy – Jimbaran Beach, Ulun Danu Bratan Lake Temple, Kintamani, Ubud
Less Tousrity – Lovina beach, Amed, Jemuluk Bay, Gili Air, Virgin Beach, Munduk Waterfalls, Banjar Hot Springs.
Activities – Snorkeling in Gili Islands, Dolphin Watching in Lovina, Light trek to Munduk waterfalls. 
Apart from these, the eight-day was kept free to explore places/activities of the guests choice which has yet not been covered.

4. Safe and Hassle Free ( Experienced Tour Leaders know what is safe and best for the group )
One of our group members said, ” What I liked most was it was safe and hassle-free. We never had to wait or waste time for anything since everything was pre-booked and the drivers were always on time”. As experienced travelers themselves, our tour leaders know what is best for the group and arranges things accordingly. In group travels a safe and hassle-free trip goes a long way in giving the guest an overall better trip experience.

5. Experience ( Its all about the Experience ) 
When going on a tour what you remember is your memories later are the experiences, not the place you stayed or the sights you visited. We firmly believe that travel is about experiences more than anything else and try our best to include places and activities which give maximum value and experience. Below is a list of the experiences most liked by our recent groups to Bali.


1. Watching Dolphins play in the sea at Lovina.

2. Exploring Gili Air on foot and cycle.

3. Seeing sea turtles and fishes while snorkeling in the Gili Islands.

4. Trying Balinese and Masakan Padang ( Padang Cuisine ) in different places in Bali and Gili Islands.

5. Watching the sunset at Jemuluk Bay with Mount Agung in the background.

6. Seeing a Balinese temple ceremony at Pura Ulun Danu Braten ( Lake Temple )

7. Feeding the fishes at Tirtha Ganga ( Water Palace )

8. Getting photos taken at Agung Lumpuyang temple with mount Agung in the background. 

9. Sitting on the upper deck of the ferry and enjoying the breeze and views on the way to Gili Islands.

10. Visiting the secluded white sand Virgin beach near Candidasa.

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